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Foster application

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Applicant name


Spouse/partner's name (if applicable)

Home address (include city, state and zip)

Phone number

Cell number

Are you on Facebook? What name can we find you under? We have a Foster Home Group we add approved foster homes to for improved correspondence

Do you have any children? If so, how many, ages

Are the children used to being around dogs? Have they been taught to respect animals (dogs)? It is never recommended that young children be left alone with ANY dog

Do you live in an apartment, single family home or condo?

Fenced yard?

Do you live near a park? Where?

What is your general experience with dogs?

Do you have any other pets? (dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, rodents, etc): If so, state type, temperament, gender and whether they get along with dogs

It is expected that foster homes provide adequate shelter, food, walks, basic training, kindness and patience when housing a rescue dog who has been pulled from a shelter. What can you tell us about your knowledge of using positive reinforcement to shape the correct behavior of dogs?

You may be asked to assist with placement of the foster dog while in your care by being available to perform certain tasks such as meeting with potential adopters or attending adoption events. Are you willing to have potential adopters come over to your home to visit with the dog and provide us feedback on the how the visit went?

Have your personal dogs been vaccinated for kennel cough by getting their Bordatella vaccine in the past 6 months?

Once we receive your foster home application we will review it and call you to discuss fostering. We require that foster homes sign our “Foster Home Agreement” prior to placing them with a foster dog. We will email you this form to complete. If you are on Facebook, we will also add you to our Foster Home Group where incoming dogs needing foster placement are posted. This group provides support, feedback and information about fostering our dogs.